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OPRAH & DARK SKIN DISCRIMINATION :give dark women more opportunities

Last night I watched the show Livin Lozada on the OWN network. No hate to Evelyn Lozada however, I thought to myself here is this rich, powerful DARK SKINNED WOMAN, who continues to promote primarily non dark skinned women. I mean really, Oprah! How many dark skinned women and girls out there who because of dark skinned discrimination cant get a foot in the door of entertainment and you go and give opportunities to non dark skinned women when non dark skinned women have always gotten opportunites when it comes to entertainment. NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!

Oprah could be doing a lot more to equalize the beauty of dark skinned women and girls by adding programing that promotes dark skinned beauty. I mean after all, she is a dark woman herself. She knows the beauty situation of dark skinned women and girls worldwide. She is in a power position to create more programming that will promote dark beauty. Its time for her to do this. I mean she has spent years promoting all things European and from the looks of it she continues to do so very heavily even though she has implemented some black programming. However, its not enough. An intensive focus should be on programming where dark skinned women and girls are the main story line. This would do a great deal to equalize the beauty of dark skinned women and girls.

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