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Dark skinned women have long been considered the ugliest women on the planet and are attacked daily as ugly, manly, and unequal in comparison to the beauty of non-dark skinned women. While we know the problem has existed since slavery there has never in the history of the world been a concerted campaign to eradicate dark skin beauty discrimination. There has never been a campaign in the history of the world to give dark skinned women back their equal beauty status.

The dark skin is beautiful campaign, created by the dark skinned activist Rashida Strober is a the first campaign in the world to focus exclusively on equalizing the beauty status of dark skinned women and girls world- wide. Millions of unborn dark skinned girls will never know the meaning of the words “black and ugly.” The campaign will eradicate it from the popular vernacular. Dark skinned women will take their rightful beauty place equal to the beauty status of other races and ethnicities world-wide.




I the dark skinned activists since 1998 have been the voice of dark skinned female oppression, dedicating my life to the struggle stemming from my own personal dark skinned mental abuse. Dark Skin mental abuse occurs in the lives of millions of dark skinned women and girls  daily. It’s time to eradicate the abuse and equalize our beauty. I’m not waiting on anyone to save me or dark skinned women. The dark skin is beautiful campaign is taking action now to save ourselves! The first dark skin beauty equalization campaign in history takes action to equalize dark skinned beauty through the following methods;



1.         The performing arts

2.         Dark skin awareness education and beauty campaign

3.         Book on on the dark skin struggle and dark skin beauty empowerment

4.         Workshops, conferences & seminars

The Dark Skin Is Beautiful Campaign

What is the Dark Skin is Beautiful Campaign?



Here is your chance to change the course of history for future generations of dark skinned women and girls world-wide. Here is your chance to stop talking about it among your family and friends and do something to stop dark skinned mental abuse. You have 2 choices. One, sit back and do nothing but talk about the problem or  two, donate to the campaign and become a part of history. The dark skin is beautiful campaign is world-wide and it won’t stop until we hit each and every corner of the globe.





·       Make a campaign contribution

·       Sponsor a play

·       Sponsor an event (dark skinned activist as keynote, workshop, panel)







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