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Rashida Strober



bringing awareness & solutions to the struggles

of dark skin people since  1998

what is dark skin activism?

I created dark skin activism, the first platform in history for dark skin in 1998 out of my own personal pain as a dark skinned female. I was a victim of darkism while growing up and throughout my life. I had grown up in school being bullied for having dark skin. I had experienced dark skinned discrimination in my family. As I grew up and was able to understand that I was being treated differently for having dark skinned, I longed to find someone, anyone who spoke specifically on the dark skinned issues that I faced. I began to search for a person who spoke about my struggle as a dark skinned woman. I searched long and hard. There was no one. I was hurt, lost, isolated and feeling backed into a corner in regards to my feelings on dark skin abuse. I had no one to talk to and so I became the change that I wanted to see and in the fall of 1998 I gave birth to dark skin activism with a lecture given at St Pete College for Black History Month. Dark skin activism's aim is to get rid of darkism which is a word and book that I created to operationlize the world- wide plight of dark skinned people.